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Mastering Change.




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The one constant in life is change. Change comes at us from every direction and sometimes the change is extremely disruptive. Mastering the art of managing change is the key to moving forward in a productive and stress-free manner. Managing change is also the key to innovation; any change you make that has a positive outcome is an innovation, no matter how small. The key to learning how to master the process of managing change is clarity: clarity of purpose, objectives, obstacles, outcomes and opportunity. Clarity allows you to take control and align your actions for success.


take control of

Your Life.


Self-limiting beliefs and fears have a paralyzing effect on creativity and productivity. Clarify the barriers holding you back and convert them into action. Move forward wth confidence and you'll never look back.

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Your Vision With Your Business.


Align all of your business activities and people with a customer-centric vision to create a sustainable, profitable enterprise that resists the winds of change and competition.

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Patrick's vision, creativity and willingness to explore new strategies makes him one of the most effective executives we have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Jeanne Achille


Patrick G Smyth

stop waiting
Start Doing.


Create a bias for action. Action is the key to motivation. Before you act, clarify the target by defining a compelling vision. Then develop the strategies and detailed plans for executing the vision. Finally, intensify all of your efforts on executing the strategy to accomplish your vision. Write your vision, write you plan, write your value propositions. Clear, concise communication is the grease that will keep the wheels of producivity turning effortlessly and in the right direction.


Create a bias for innovation. Any change that produces a postive outcome is an innovation. Invent a new future, one small improvement at a time. Every change presents an opportunity for learning, for breakthroughs and for making something better.



Patrick's ability to grasp our business vision quickly helped us to focus our efforts and luanch our business successfully. We could not have found a better business partner.

Jack York

Patrick brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and clear-sighted practical advice to add value to any company. He is a genuine person and a pleasure to work with.

Joe Haubenreich



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