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Clarify, Simplify, Intensify. Three steps to producitivity. Clarify your vision, mission and values to set the direction and purpose for your entire business. Simplify decision making and problem solving by developing detailed strategies and plans to accomplish your vision and mission. Intensify you focus on your strategy and plans, keeping your eye on your business purpose and mission to avoid distractions that take valuable time and money away from your bottom line. Align and empower your team and communicate frequently to optimize their performance. A clear vision or purpose allows you to master change and develop a bias for innovation.

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Elephant Walk: Business and Brand Strategy.


A herd of elephants travels through the bush, foraging for food. The herd splits up into small groups that wander as far as 10 miles from each other. At the end of the day, the entire herd reassembles at a watering hole up to 40 miles away.


Imagine if you can build a business where every person, process and system is so well aligned with your purpose that they instinctively know the right decisions to help the business accomplish its vision. The result is a formidably productive and unstoppable entity. That is what I call the Elephant Walk, the strategy for Balancing Business and Brand Strategy for the Long Haul.

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