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Words Matter

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Clarity / Communication / Creativity

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Clear, concise communication means bringing ideas to life in their most brilliant form, clarity, and quality; an unambiguous focus on the core message. Whether telling a story, crafting a business agreement or compiling a technical article, the writing must remain true to the core purpose and message of the work. Scholarly language is impressive, but it introduces ambiguity and confusion that only result in poor communication. Advanced writing presents complex subject matter in simple language to improve comprehension and understanding for the widest possible audience.

Creative Writing and Editing

Business Plans and Agreements

Marketing Communications

Web/Blog Content

Experience and practice refine and hone skills to benefit the future. Patrick applies this optimistic outlook as he strives for optimal comprehension, understanding and simplicity while preserving the intent of communication, of businesses or of individuals.

His experience includes:

  • Three published books, including the award-winning, Elephant Walk, Balancing Business and Brand Strategy.

  • Dozens of business plans, some of which have secured significant investments for business owners.

  • Business license agreements for distribution, licensing and alliance partners.

  • Two registered motion picture screenplays,

  • Dozens of blog articles on leadership, managing change, writing and marketing communications materials for several large corporations.

  • Edited many publsihed works across a wide range of subject matter.

  • Developed the highly acclaimed Unpack My Box program to empower individuals to remove self-limiting beliefs and fears from their lives.

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