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Take a Break to Refresh Your Perspective

Entrepreneurs are self-motivated and often drive themselves to work harder and longer than otherwise employed individuals. The pressure to make the dream happen is intense, and the lack of resources to help accomplish many different tasks along the way adds to the demand on a budding business owner’s time. At times, the hard work seems to be accomplishing nothing and the entrepreneur feels stuck in a rut with wheels spinning away. The natural inclination for most entrepreneurs is to work harder.

Unfortunately, this is the place where burnout occurs. Continuing to work harder at exactly the same things and feeling as if nothing is accomplished is nothing short of demoralizing. As the frustration builds and the emotional pressure cooker reaches its limits, it is time to take a different approach. Instead of working harder, take a break. Twenty minutes is not a break. That’s only enough time to go to the bathroom and top off your coffee mug. It certainly is not enough time to adjust your perspective.

The break you need is at least several days or a week, or even more. The break you need must take you far away from your office, your home and any place that you spend your time at work. Ideally, find a quiet place where you can engage in nature or take long walks in a forest or beach. Don’t take any work with you and make a determined effort to immerse yourself into the something completely different.

To help you shift your focus during the break, take on a new mission. For example, take a camera with you and see how many interesting and beautiful photographs you can capture at all times of the day. Alternatively, you could take a journal book and write down your experiences and observations during the time away. This helps to keep you focused on accomplishing something while keeping your mind clear of all the stress and workload you left behind.

When you return from the break, take stock of your goals and priorities and reset your work plan accordingly. Many of the tasks that previously occupied your time will prove to be less critical and with your renewed perspective, you will find it easier to defer them or simply to ignore them completely. Focus instead on activities that are most important to accomplishing your objectives.

Establish milestones that allow you to stop and recognize how far you have come in the journey of your business. Recognize that the big dream will be realized through many small achievements. Celebrate each small accomplishment to keep yourself motivated. If you reach the boiling point again, push the reset button and take a meaningful break.

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